Searching for the deepest parts of my soul. Living the richest moments of my life. City dweller. Queer. Black. Haiku artist. This is my poetry. Get lost with me.
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Anonymous asked: Well. I don't know what you look like or who you are really, but I'll try. They came in through the door, a confident gaze had settled into their brow with a thick paper-boy bag hanging from one shoulder. They were tall, not too talk, and they were a head turner.... That's all I got :)

haha to be honest, that’s fairly spot on, not even gonna lie.

impressed, anon. :)

describe me the way an author would in a book



no seriously. my ask box is open to be intrigued and impressed.

anons and non anons are welcome.

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girl, did you visit

me in my dreams? or did you

visit in my sleep?

cause i swear i can

still smell what would’ve been you

lying on my sheets.

often times when i write what i consider more “experimental” poetry (in regards to line breaks, use of parenthesis, structure, etc.) i feel like it doesn’t convey any real meaning or understanding to anyone but myself.

but them sometimes i’m like, eh, my it’s brain, my poetry *shrugs*


this morning i woke

up mid-(fall(ing in love with

you)ing through the air

with you)-dream. i woke

up from a dream where we were

falling through the air

and falling in love.

this morning i woke up mid-

dream, thinking of you.

i woke up from a 

dream yet, your smile stretched

into my today

dreaming about you

made my day, as if we were

falling once again

today i could not

stop thinking about waking

up this past morning

this morning has been

on replay since i woke up

mid-dream(mid fall(ing))

i can’t stop playing

the mid-fall(dream(mid-dream fall?))

out of it’s sequence.

i dreamt about you.

and now i can’t stop thinking

about (you) falling.

tonight i will fall

asleep and hope i that fall

into(falling in

love) you once mor-

Anonymous asked: Hey! I was having a horrible day till i stumbled on your blog. Your poetry is beautiful and inspiring and it made me hopefully for love oneday. I think your girlfriend is adorable and you two make a lovely couple.

Awwww *blushes* thank you!!! I actually have an interview in 15 minutes and reading this gave me the exact boost of confidence that I needed. I’m so glad my poetry was able to move you out of a bad day. My words will always be here when you need them. :)

Anonymous asked: Do you go to school I'm DC?

Maryland, but right outside of DC. I’m in the city daily, though.

Anonymous asked: is the black girl in the photoset ur girlfriend?

lucky to say yes, she iss

A clever poet can write a poem, and both her muse and her lover will think it is about themselves.



at six months shy of

my twenties i learned that dark

skinned girls who wear crowns

of dark jeweled curls and

stripes of yellow, black, and green

across their nude lips

who fall in love in

Februarys and kiss like 

daytime thunderstorms

and enjoy making

pancakes to jazz and moments

to messy poems

make for the best of

lovers, friends, and memories

that stick like hot clay.

i do not know why

this is. but these are the type

of women who make

Toni Morrisson

write Tar Baby and Coltrane

compose Afro Blue.

what it is about

these women, i do not know.

but it is you whom

are the teachers of

love; the women to name

our daughters after

the women to name

queendoms and constellations

and chapbooks after

the type of women

I will fall in love with in

each sense of the word.

it is women like 

you, who are the reason that

poetry exists.