Searching for the deepest parts of my soul. Living the richest moments of my life. City dweller. Queer. Black. Haiku artist. This is my poetry. Get lost with me.
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Anonymous asked: I hate when black people use white people as an excuse to their own failure. Take responsibility for yourself. And by the way, I'm black.

was this supposed to make me feel ignorant or make you feel better about your ignorance

all throughout the month of august i’ll be having a “help vanessa get her groove back” contest

each day of august, I’ll post a line or two (or maybe three) of poetry.

first person to send me their next original line(s) helps co-write the poem.

at the end of the month, the person who helped write the poem receiving the most notes, wins one of my bowties. 

y’all ready?

(no more looking)

i didn’t want to look anymore.

because i knew i’d only find

truths you’d tell me were untrue

and lies you’d make me believe 

again, and again until i got the 

itch once more to go looking

for the truths that you continue

to hide from yourself.


Black women, never

blame yourself for the sins of

white patriarchy.

And sometimes I have kept my feelings to myself, because I could find no language to describe them in.

Jane Austen, from Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics, 2003)

(via loveandshanti)


all i know is,

when i walk in

any kind of of room, 

you begin to swoon,

and you just can’t stop staring,

i can’t stop it too

and every time you leave,

i forget to breathe

baby, you’re the best.

screw if it’s too soon to say,

baby you’re the best.

and you don’t know this

but it’s no secret,

you know me so well,

better than i know myself

the way you watch me smile,

the words i’ve said, you felt

and i can’t seem to rest,

unti i have confessed

baby, you’re the best

screw if it’s too soon to say,

i want you here to stay cause,

baby, you’re the best.


funny how some things

come back around,

you find the things you lost

were never really found,

and the things you found,

you found in being lost,

and your yesterday’s

fade to afterthoughts,

but thoughts, nonetheless

and that’s when you confess

who you were yesterday,

hasn’t run that far away.

(life lessons)

when life gives you shit,

turn that shit into bricks of

gold, feel me nigga?

do you remember

yourself before your ego

swallowed you whole?

Anonymous asked: You and your girlfriend are so adorable and you guys make a beautiful couple :)

Aw thank you :) Much love.