Searching for the deepest parts of my soul. Living the richest moments of my life. City dweller. Queer. Black. Haiku artist. This is my poetry. Get lost with me.
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metaph0rically-tr0ublesome asked: H?

i’m in love with hope.

with soaring on the wings of


kissing heads-up coins, 

and starry wishes goodnight

i live for what-ifs.

hope is for dreamers.

and i could not live if i

were not a dreamer.

if hope weren’t my first

love, life would be a burden

i could never bear.

aiegelesswords asked: P

I love the way my

fingers figure skate with the

tip of an ink pen

across lined paper

to the pu-rum-pum-pum of

that downbeat hip-hop 

playing in the back;

i love the way your lips-pop!- 

when they pucker to kiss

the pineapple fruit

placed between my two tall trees-

-pop!- i love that shit.

lovepassiton asked: T.

this isn’t going

to be one of those poems.

because i love you.

you may not know me,

the way you did when i was

twelve year old dad’s girl

you may not see the

greatness that still radiates

since i was seven

you may not be there,

even though we share a roof, 

to fight bed monsters

you may not love me,

how you did when i still could

grown into your dreams

but i refuse to

make this one of those poems.

because i love you.

this isn’t going

to be one of those poems.

because you’re my dad.

Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you write a haiku about 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.

I think y’all actually like when I post pictures of myself?

So, in that case… hope everyone’s having a warmhearted easter :)

(1:45 a.m.)

for whatever it

is worth, you could still sketch me

if you wanted to.

There are a million
silly things in this world
to concern myself with.

But the only thing
I crave to concern myself with
is silly ol’ you.


(Once Upon A Dream Sequence)

I know you, I walked

with you once upon a dream..

But if I know you..

you’ll look at me with

the imagination of

what we could’ve been.

dress us with your eyes:

me into to your prince charming, 

you, in a red dress


red lipstick against

midnight skin as you hold me

and we start to waltz

down your gold staircase,

out your brick house, from under

shadows of silence

to your suburban

street, turn your driveway to our

enchanted ballroom

beautifully haunted

with yesteryear’s memories

of you and I

we’ll move the way our

souls have done when they’ve escaped

our very bodies

to dance together

in our dreams, and when we’re brought

to kiss once again…

I’ll know what you’ll do..

You’ll love me.. the way you did

Once upon a dream..

I usually never post selfies on here but um…
IG: nessthepoet

I usually never post selfies on here but um…

IG: nessthepoet

(April haiku)

winter winds cut through

warm air, but spring will prevail.

Sun stretches its rays.


of May blooms April meltdowns.

Cherry blossoms fall.

as the bees arrive,

flowers do their pollen dance.

Flight of attraction.

You, I, can handle

but so much uncertainty.

The final snow melts.