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Queer. Black. Haiku artist. Something like a poet-slash-entreprenuer.
This is my poetry. Get lost in love with me.
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i tried to focus

on my late night menstrual cra-

ving for wings w/ ranch

dressing but instead

i dressed my face with hot tears

knowing that you’re gone.

I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.

— (via doubleana)

(Source: selectables, via thefaceofbroe)

today was a good day. but tonight is a low night.

it’s okay to admit sometimes you have low nights.

i mean, if you can’t stop the ship from sinking,

just don’t panic. let it be.

that’s how you don’t drown.

it’s okay to have low nights.

just don’t let yourself drown.

your worth is

much more than that.


i wear my hoodie walking home

late at night just to see if i’ll get shot.


i wear all black at night

just to see if i’ll get hit by a white car

stopped by a white car - cop car

saved by a white car - ambulance

saved by a white light - white Jesus

sometimes i feel like a dark star

in a dark sky surrounded by white stars

shining bright

i swear sometimes it seems like

we’re all dark stars shining in a dark sky,

it don’t mean we’re not illuminating light

white just shines more bright

but why is that, white Jesus? 

why i gotta walk around

questioning the value of my life?

why do i wear all black at night

why do i wear my black hoodie upright

just to see if i’ll get stopped by a 

white car

white man

white star

why can’t i be a dark star

that shines bright in the night sky?

ain’t anyone ever show you that

midnight is a beautiful color?

or that it just signifies the time 

of night you lock your windows

and close your blinds 

to dark stars shining bright

across a midnight sky?


i just wanna be a dark star

that stands out in a dark sky

dark times

and not get shot

cause i’m the color of midnight

and not get lost cause my

bright light ain’t white

i just wanna be a dark star

and still shine bright

i just want my midnight to shine.

so sometimes

i walk at night in all black

and pretend it does.

Anonymous asked: Are you still in love?

i mean, people don’t just fall out of love over night lol

I just don’t think I’ll ever get it. How one day, we can be perfect for each other, and the next we’re too different to coexist. I mean, I can see it, but it just doesn’t make sense. Were we perfect for each other or were we not? Is love just an illusion or was there some truth to it all? I just don’t know. I don’t know if it’ll will ever make sense to me.




When I realized I loved you 
it was not romantic 
Not flush with pink roses & wine
but rather normal 
Rather standing in line at CVS 
clutching a four pack of peanut butter cups 
& cold medicine
It was a quiet realization 
Like checking the weather I was currently standing in 
"Huh. It’s a bit warmer
than I would have guessed.” 

how i felt earlier today. how i’m feeling now.

how i felt earlier today. how i’m feeling now.

thought about writing poetry tonight, ended up deciding to write a black, queer short film script instead

I’m a habitual opportunist. On top of that, I’m a writer. Rarely do I close doors, rarely do I abandon all hope. Rarely do writers fully ever close the very books they write, never to open them again. It’s hard to kill hope in an opportunist. It’s even harder to kill in a writer. Hope always prevails.